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Author of the viral post: 10 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to the Emergency Department. Board certified emergency medicine physician, wife, mother, aspiring novelist.

Human Predators: Four Features and Four Phases of Assault

My college orientation sessions in the late ’90’s included tips like carrying a rape whistle, but none of the recommended safety measures prepared me for the surprise, fear, and awkwardness of having a guy I had studied with only once…
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Why Medical Professionals have Potty Mouths

**WARNING** This post contains strong language. If you use the expression, “H-E-double-hockey-sticks” or refrain from watching R-rated movies because the language offends your moral sensibilities, please stop reading now. While Muzak plays (think Kenny G covering John Mayer) and courteous…
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Brave Women of the Bible: She Will Know Their Names

**DISCLAIMER**- This is a post about church and the stories of women in the Bible. If you have subscribed for medical content – this one’s not for you!     The hashtag #whitewashedOUT recently trended on Twitter in response to…
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The Packaging of Providers as Something to Be Sold

“ORDER UP!” “One McDreamy to ED room 18, a McSteamy to room 5, and Dr. Oz to psych bed 2.” As much as patients would like to order Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane and Dr. Oz – we’re not there yet….
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To All Valorous Women

During my formative years, I heard more than a few sermons that put the Proverbs 31 woman on a pedestal as the ideal Christian wife/mother. But none of them relayed that in Judaism, this scripture it is a song of…
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What We Should Be Wearing to Work (HINT: It’s Not White)

It doesn’t matter if you can run a 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds or 5.8 seconds… dance like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike or your 70-year-old neighbor sing like Adele or me slide an 8.0 plastic tube through someone’s vocal…
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Will the Real Dr. Here Please Stand Up?

In 2006, graduate nursing programs started granting doctorates of nursing practice (DNP degrees). In a “Media Fact Sheet,” The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) explains the thrust for the change this way: Some of the many factors building…
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