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Category: Life

Human Predators: Four Features and Four Phases of Assault

My college orientation sessions in the late ’90’s included tips like carrying a rape whistle, but none of the recommended safety measures prepared me for…

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To All Valorous Women

During my formative years, I heard more than a few sermons that put the Proverbs 31 woman on a pedestal as the ideal Christian wife/mother.…


What I Wish White Women Knew About Being a Woman of Color (Guest Post)

In “I’m Sorry. I’m Listening.” I extended an invitation to publish a guest post on “what I wish white women knew about being a woman…


5 Pieces of Advice that Changed My Life

1.  You work on you. When I married my husband, I was certain he was the most wonderful man in the world and I was…


The Truth about Why I’m a Vegetarian

Imagine we’re out to dinner together with a group of people. Conversation is flowing, the mood is light –then our entrees arrive and while comparing…


Kate Spade & Tory Burch: The Truth about What We’re Buying

Flashback to 1987… Growing Pains is on the TV and the Seaver home has been burglarized. Every family member has been robbed of valued possessions…