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Category: Motherhood

Spanking Part I: The Truth about Why We Don’t Spank

The first day you cradled your child in your arms, your heart was filled with love and gentleness. You probably looked down at that sweet…


The Truth about Why We’re Not Having Another Baby

The decision whether or not to have a third child is a dilemma for a lot of families. For others, it’s a second or a fourth or…


The Truth about Periods: We Don’t Have to Have Them

In A Year of Biblical Womanhood, Rachel Held Evans tries to emulate Biblical practices and so she camps in a tent in her front yard during…


Reading Aloud Together – A Bonding Experience

When I was young, we didn’t fly to our family vacation destinations; we drove.  Hours and hours in the car, lunches from a cooler at…

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The Truth about Why I Chose a C-Section

I did it. I chose a primary elective C-section. In a culture heavy with pressure for “natural” births – I chose the opposite. Why? It’s…