Kristin Prentiss Ott, M.D.


1. 10 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to the Emergency Department

By far, this has been my most popular post. It has >220,000 views on my website. It was also published on and has >227,000 SHARES there.

2. 8 Cold Hard Truths About Colds

This article features memes of Ryan Gosling and Kate Upton. I attribute much of its success to their beautiful faces. It has over 13,000 views and almost 5,000 shares.

3. The One Thing Doctors, Doulas, Moms, & Midwives All Want

I am proud of this piece. I believe in its message and was honored that the Vice President of Improving Birth and creator of the #BreaktheSilence project reached out to me. It has over 8,000 views.

4. Why Medical Professional Have Potty Mouths

Um, my mom might not be so proud of this one, but with >5,000 views on my site, it’s clear my comrades in medicine could relate! It has 14,000 shares on

5. What I Wish White Women Knew About Being a Woman of Color (Guest Post)

I am grateful that my friend, Sherlonya Turner, granted me the privilege of publishing her words – which clearly resonated with many.

5. Medical Sayings: A Glimpse into Medical Culture 

This article has had >3,700 views, but only because I mentioned it and linked to it in my most popular article. It is an entertaining little piece – but not exactly “share-worthy.”

6. The Truth About Why I Chose a C-section 

I wrote a version of this article the night before I went in for my primary elective c-section in August of 2010. When I started this website I published it here as a ‘background piece’ and shared it occasionally in comment sections.

7. Kate Spade & Tory Burch: The Truth about What We’re Buying

This took off over a year after I wrote it – not sure how, but I do think it has bits of rarely spoken truth.

8. 5 Pieces of Advice that Changed My Life 

I still re-read this piece to remind myself of these important lessons. It has had >2,400 views.

9. The Truth About Periods: We Don’t Have to Have Them

When I announced on Facebook that I was starting this blog, I promised to tell the story of “the tampon and the rocket ship.” And I did. Since publishing this piece, I have encountered a lot of women that WANT to have periods. To each her own! But knowing your options is always a good thing.

10. The Truth About Medical Specialties and “Specialism”

This was the first “medical” article I wrote. It was also my first piece published on I wrote it out of frustration after a few bad encounters with other physicians. And the truth is, I think I am capable of writing a better version now, but alas there are too many NEW articles to write to devote time to the revision of old ones. It has 2,200 views.

Interestingly absent from this list is, Ode to Nurses. This article did not generate a lot of traffic for my website, but has had >37,000 shares on (my 2nd most popular article there).

Although the articles above have had the most views, they are not my favorites nor do any of them have the prose of which I am most proud. My five favorites are:

  1. To All Valorous Women
  2. The Anti-depressing Truth About Happy Pills (Originally published as “How I Found Out I Have an Elephant’s A**.”)
  3.  Our Church Break-up, Part II: Love Isn’t Blind Anymore (Featuring U2 and Pearl Jam)
  4.  An Often Missed Self-Diagnosis
  5.  I Survived My First Week as a Kindergartener’s Mom

Thank you, for reading! The time you have offered my words is a gift to me.