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Kristin Ott, MD Posts

5 Pieces of Advice that Changed My Life

1.  You work on you. When I married my husband, I was certain he was the most wonderful man in the world and I was also certain I could make him even better. I was sure, with my gentle prodding (a.k.a. self-righteous nagging) I could transform him into a non-smoking, cupboard-door-closing, napkin-on-his-lap kind of guy. And then, of course, my new husband kept right on buying packs of Camel Lights, leaving doors wide open, and making…


10 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to the Emergency Department

1.  Wait times in most emergency departments are RIDICULOUS! But, if you have a real emergency, you won’t have to wait.  If you have abnormal vital signs, a worrisome ECG, or concerning chief complaint, you will be seen long before the person who checked in with a sore throat to get a work excuse. Check out this snapshot of an emergency department: 26 in the waiting room and “chief complaints” like “gsw abdomen” and “found…