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Tag: Emergency Medicine

The Truth about Trauma Drama (PAP series 5/6)

“People are People” Part 5 of 6   A few years ago, Mickey (my trauma surgeon husband) was featured on a show on TLC called…

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The Frank Truth about Foreign Bodies (PAP series 1/6)

“People are People” Part 1 of 6 Disclaimer: This post is R-rated for adult content. When I write posts, I imagine writing to strangers who…


10 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to the Emergency Department

1.  Wait times in most emergency departments are RIDICULOUS! But, if you have a real emergency, you won’t have to wait.  If you have abnormal…


The Truth about Medical Specialties and “Specialism”

UPDATE:  This post was also published on  Since its publication, the Gomerblog article that it references (link below) was updated so it no longer…