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The Truth about Trauma Drama (PAP series 5/6)

“People are People” Part 5 of 6   A few years ago, Mickey (my trauma surgeon husband) was featured on a show on TLC called “Emergency Level One.” There’s a reason trauma is so heavily featured in medical shows. It…
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The Frank Truth about Foreign Bodies (PAP series 1/6)

“People are People” Part 1 of 6 Disclaimer: This post is R-rated for adult content. When I write posts, I imagine writing to strangers who are interested in Medicine. I do not think about my former elementary or Sunday school…
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10 Things to Know Before Your Next Visit to the Emergency Department

1.  Wait times in most emergency departments are RIDICULOUS! But, if you have a real emergency, you won’t have to wait.  If you have abnormal vital signs, a worrisome ECG, or concerning chief complaint, you will be seen long before…
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The Truth about Medical Specialties and “Specialism”

UPDATE:  This post was also published on  Since its publication, the Gomerblog article that it references (link below) was updated so it no longer draws parallels between my specialty and Joffrey Boratheon.  I take a little, tiny bit of credit…
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