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The Low-down on Death (PAP series 6/6)

“People are People” Part 6 of 6   Deaths in the hospital usually happen one of two ways: full code intensity or comfort care attentiveness. Codes are loud. There are shouts of, “it’s been 2 minutes since the last epi!” The…
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The Truth about Trauma Drama (PAP series 5/6)

“People are People” Part 5 of 6   A few years ago, Mickey (my trauma surgeon husband) was featured on a show on TLC called “Emergency Level One.” There’s a reason trauma is so heavily featured in medical shows. It…
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The Mindful Truth about Mental Illness (PAP series 4/6)

“People are People” Part 4 of 6 It’s not always obvious. Sometimes patients register with a chief complaint like “headache.” They tell the nurse their head has been hurting for months and deny fevers, etc. They get put in a…
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The Naked Truth about Nudity (PAP series 3/6)

“People are People” Part 3 of 6 There are people all over the country who get paid to let medical students examine their prostates, testicles, and pelvic areas. Eager young learners wait in short white coats to put their hands…
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The Truth about when Patients are Prisoners (PAP series 2/6)

“People are People” Part 2 of 6 When I imagined being a doctor, I thought about delivering big healthy babies to nice married couples like Jamie & Paul Buchman from the sitcom Mad About You. When I thought about suturing…
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The Frank Truth about Foreign Bodies (PAP series 1/6)

“People are People” Part 1 of 6 Disclaimer: This post is R-rated for adult content. When I write posts, I imagine writing to strangers who are interested in Medicine. I do not think about my former elementary or Sunday school…
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