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The Packaging of Providers as Something to Be Sold

“ORDER UP!” “One McDreamy to ED room 18, a McSteamy to room 5, and Dr. Oz to psych bed 2.” As much as patients would like to order Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane and Dr. Oz – we’re not there yet….
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I’m Sorry. I’m Listening.

Things have changed for me since the tragedy inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church because of the words of two bloggers – one black and one white. Osheta Moore’s post, “What I Need You to Say in Response to the…
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Sexism & Racism: The Truth About What We See

Before I go to work, I always pull my hair back – usually in a bun.  I smash my already smallish breasts with a sports bra under a unisex uniform.  I want to minimize my “tells” – the things others…
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